Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fresh Snow

That new fresh snow is not like the last snow. It is softer, more inviting than the last snow. Every snow is different and somehow more snowy. The slating sun, low over the horizon reflects more gently, allowing us the time to stand and stare longer. Those feathery flakes float so slowly we can see them all the way to the grass , they disappear.
The wind and rain slowly enveloped the little snow that fell and all we left with is cold grass and wind that carries the memory of cold, snow, without the beauty.
We have a nasty cold virus that lingers on and on, I caught it from Robert over a month ago and it has lingered on until in desperation I went to the doctor for an antibiotic. Hopefully it will shake this cough and let me get on with living.
The chronicle in a book form is progressing well as there is very little work about at the moment I have been able to crack on. Putting in the images now as all the text is loaded.
I see from Facebook that Mika is breaking hearts and Travis is flying, interesting observer watching a stuck landrover being pushed out the mud. Oh the joys of social media, even this blog contributes to all the daily snippets that travel the world in search of a read.
Just a note on passing, Sinead o Conner has a song out called VIP, really worth a listen. We went to the Lighthouse to see the film Les Miresrable on Saturday, we have now seen the live version, the video of the live version but with the main singers and now the film. All in all the film tells the story well but the singers do not quite master the very powerful songs that the live version has. See it, it is worth a odd 2 and a half hours of your time.
Thank you for the comments, Burger recipes always worth a try.

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