Saturday, 23 February 2013

Friday another week

I know I tend to forecast gloom and doom but the weather is really quite off putting at the moment. I took young Sam for a walk and it was sleeting, the 20 mph wind and 2 deg C did not help. He seems too enjoy it, must be that woolly coat he wears all the time. This photo looks idyllic but the wind is blowing.
Robert has decided to try being a vegetarian, yes Angela I know, it has all been done before, but we reinvent the wheel as we go along. I must admit he is very good and is now eating vegetable, this is an entirely new taste to him. Robert always ate the meat, loads of it and the chips/roast potatoes and nothing else. The reverse has happened, vegetables are the new now. Keep it up Roobob, I will endeavour to keep up as well. 
My role as the family cook is a varied and challenging one. Susan is on the Dukan diet, only protein, loads of steaks, chicken breasts, pork fillets and lamb steaks, are being consumed at an alarming rate, too my bank balance , the weight has come off and she is half the woman I married. Forever the pessimist, only another stone to go. 14 lbs or 6.3 kg in other languages.
On the other hand we have the vegetarian, what can I say but that I will get them back to normal food sometime, in the mean time we will all be sampling the most exciting of dishes.
A good piece of music to listen to when the days are long and tiresome. Ron Howard and the music from the film the Trap. Music for the soul, try the one where he conducts the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. 
Tomorrow we go to the South African shop to buy Russians, Aromat and Tennis biscuits, such an outing.
Having made a broccoli and gammon soup and I must say this is Rembrandt of all soup. I did add a little seasoning and a hint of garlic. That is it, mush it up and sprinkle a little Stilton over the top. I do enjoy a little crusty bread and a good Pinotage.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Yum. Soup sounds so good! Going to Zamia at Kings park for brekkie. Google it. Tell Susie pie it's the dinosaur park and restaurant. She's been there. Wish you were here. X