Thursday, 28 March 2013

Charities, big business

Latest figures from the Department of Trade and Industry has confirmed that only 10% to 12% of the monies collected by charities actually gets to the people they are collection for. This is big business, without the need to pay any tax, billions collected every year and if one looks at the size of the head offices and well paid staff you can understand why we have so many. We have at least 5 requests for donations a week. Be it your old cloths, jeweller or a monthly cash donation they all want something for nothing. Take a charity that raises £234m, their gross profit, tax free, £211m. As I said 'Big Business'. Now to get on to something more beneficial to me and my family, Charity begins at home.
'You have spoken and we have listened', no more taking the charity bosses to pieces. Yes I do listen.
Easter weekend and Robert away in Paris and Michael down from Uni for the weekend has flown bye. The weather did not really give us hope for a warm weekend but we have to stay positive.
Good Friday, early run on the beach, cut the lawn and vacuumed the house, all by 11am. What to do next? Upton House, Woodlands walk and then we realised how little a borough council planner plans. They have cut out all the undergrowth, I suppose to allow light to reach the woodlands floor. It has opened up the forest but seems to have lost all the character which the overgrown forest offered. The good thing is, due to the lack of common sense in the council, no thought would have gone into future maintenance and nature will reclaim its own.
Easter has come and gone, Susan will be back at work tomorrow, the sun will come out and the first quarter of this new year is history. Spring is officially here, our clock went forward an hour so we are technically now an hour ahead of the rest of the world, those who do not tamper with their clocks that is. All seems like a lot of work but a little quark that we will always treasure, most clocks change by themselves but there is the odd clock, like the microwave oven, that will run an hour behind for the next 6 months.
Today we are having the traditional pork pie. Chopped juicy tomatoes, mature cheddar cheese and Gruyere cheese baked with eggs and cream, layered over a tomato sauce in a crisp pastry.
"You have gone mad, a Pork Pie is the result of a 200 odd years tradition in making pies. The uncured meat of a Melton pie is grey in colour when cooked; the meat is chopped, rather than minced. The pie is made with a hand-formed crust – this style of production gives the pie a slightly irregular shape after baking. As the pies are baked free-standing, the sides bow out, they are not vertical like mould-baked pies." I hear you say and I must bow too your knowledge, of course you are right, you may not know it, my thanks for correcting my obvious oversight.
Pamagor will be here in the next week. Believed to have been in South Africa looking after Madiba and also seen in North Korea evaluating the sanity of Um, slightly retarded leader of that country. We live in strange times, interesting but not as serious the important fact that there is a drop in the number of bees in the world and that figure is decreasing year on year. This is important.

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