Saturday, 2 March 2013

Frantic Weekend

Michael home for the weekend, he has applied for a job at the RNLI - Royal Navy Lifeboat Institute - for a summer job patrolling the beach and generally doing what young guys do when you surf and paddle a lot. Oh to have the freedom of youth, makes one want to craboon.
Susan off to Manchester and Alton Tower. It is the general managers annual conference, should be ok as all the resorts seem to be doing well from what I read in the papers. Interestingly there are over 100 resorts throughout the world, so the GM's will be limited on their presentations.
I sit here on Poole High street in a coffee shop while Susan gets her hairdcut, all the preparation for the big week ahead makes me weary. Sun is shinning but the wind is cold, we may get to 7 deg today but I will not hold my breath. Everyone wrapped up in thick coats and then you see a northerner come past in a t shirt and jeans, they do breed them hardy but almost all the elderly are a little crimpy.
Gary and Claudia have bought a restaurant chain called Sugo Rosso. When Gary first told me he did not say what kind of restaurants they were, so I wondered if they were German, silly silly me, Italian they are and for ever will be , what was I thinking, him being married to the mafia and all. 'And all' what you might ask, I say 'and all' the loving family that go with such a marriage made in heaven and Italy. I do envy him and Angela in that their in laws are such lovely people, well chosen, that's my children for you. I do not have that luxury, my mother in law walks past Michael in the street and does not know him!
I have finished the Chronicle iBook and will send the iPad, iPhone version out shortly. Once I have finished the e Book version I will send that out as well. The iBook version can only be read on an iPad/iPhone, nothing else.
Thinking back on Sugo Rosso, as I know it, how will it effect their lives, their children's lives and will they be richer in mind for it? I am a little jealous at their dare to change, their innocence of youth tempered by their business experience. I wish them well and I am sure it will be. I hope someday to enjoy a cup of good coffee with those two brave adventurers. I also salute their will to never stand still.
Enjoy your weekend and if you happen to be near a Sugo, have a coffee.

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