Friday, 22 March 2013

Not quite Spring

The greatest gift in life is to see life as the greatest gift, heard it on the way to the beach. Sometimes it is good to walk the dog in the rain and wind. Would not have heard the radio, let alone the quote.
It has rained for 40 days and not too sure how many nights but now it is time to cease. Let that sun shine, wind drop and temperature double. Cabin fever is starting to get to me, Sam is the same, todays walk was a chore, even for him.
Weekend does not hold out much hope of any of the above happening but there is a Grand Prix and the cricket is on in New Zealand so we must be thankful for that.
I have just ordered this very practical case for my iPad, £11.50, as you can see it almost takes the need for a laptop away. I predict that in the next 5 years the tablet with a case including keyboard will take over from the much loved Laptops. Microsoft make a really good looking tablet called the Surface and its case has a a very thin keyboard built in. Do not rush out to buy one as yet, wait for the Professional model , it will have a better operating system. Although a bit pricy at £429.00 it will still be worth it.
Has anyone eaten at Sugo Rosso yet, we need a food review and some photos to bring my readers up to date. Angela what about getting your friend in SA to sneak around and have a meal, incognito as such. You can then pick up the tab, all in the name of public news and we can all relax or worry as the case may be. While your friend is about it maybe a trip with Russell's new business, 'Wet and Wild.' I know but I am not saying anything.
All for now, will write over the weekend. Thanks for all those comments of delight, keep them coming.

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  1. Michael ate some dodgy chicken as all Uni students tend to do and was quite ill. Hope you not feeling poorly anymore