Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spring, and!

Tomorrow is the start of spring, every gardeners dream. I know Granny June would be very happy but I have a nagging feeling she would be just a little worried about the weather. I hazard a guess we are at lest a month away from spring, as nature intended. Stop I hear you say, no more doom and gloom with regards to the weather, but it is what we do best.
Angela and Matt celebrate another anniversary, 7th I think, the years pass so alarming fast. Mika also celebrated this week with her 11th birthday on the 25th, so all happiness there as well. Feb has been quite a month for celebration, the two mentioned above and then Michael and Daniel also had birthdays. I hope I am right as it is Angela's calendar I am quoting.
Well the Pope has left the Vatican and now it is for those few cardinals to pick another. In normal times, popes make their final exit from the Vatican in a coffin and after a period of mourning, are laid to rest in the crypt of St Peter's Basilica as the great bells of the first church of Christendom boom out. But not Benedict XVI. I feel he has decided to write his memoirs. I am sure he has put a little away for his retirement so will not be a burden on the State, as it is.
I wish they would pick someone a little younger so that we can keep up with them. Maybe Russell should apply for the job. He has a big heart and loads of love to give. He is also partial to red shoes and long flowing gowns, the mitre might have to be lengthened slightly but will be around a good 30 odd years or so. On second thoughts, no that will not be a good idea. He will want to convert the Vatican into a holiday destination and it would be a shame to lose those old buildings to concrete and glass.
I would apply but I have not got a passport at the moment. I am having trouble finding someone who is pure of heart, full of humility and has the time to be the Pope for about 30 years, if you think of anyone please let me know and I will pass it on to the Holy fathers at the Vatican. Enjoy your weekend.

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