Sunday, 21 April 2013

Doors and Reviews

Russell reviews Sugo Russo, rave review with top marks for food, service and the outstanding quality of the front staff, could not praise the manager enough, predicts this to be one of the busiest resturants in the near future. Months not years was his exact words. So readers if you are in the area go to Sugo Russo and be entralled. Russell was also impressed with the quality of the singing by all the staff. Gary has introduced a motivation song to be sung whenever he or Claudia arrive or leave. A old, traditional song called "How great thou art." Word has it that he first introduced it at JSC, must be quite a emotional experience when all 60 odd staff sing this rousing hymn.
Talk about every little helps, Tesco mobile phone department gave me a ring the other day to sell me insurance for Robert's iPhone. £7.99 per month but there are certian conditions. Not covered if you drop it, lose it or if it is stolen. Makes one wonder what it is covered for? I suppose their catch line, "every little helps" goes to how much profit they make! As can be seen from the attached photograph, such a lovely word, much better than pic, image, shot.
Anyway to get back to the attached photograph, it is the gate that Matt built while he and Angela stayed here for a while in 2006. Built too last, what gate will last 6 years, taking the daily pounding of Robert going through slamming it shut and Sam forcing his way through before the gate is fully open, not forgetting the harsh weather thrown at it everyday for the last 6 years. This gate has, outstanding quality and I must congratulate myself on arranging their marriage, without me they would never be married today, who says arranged marriages are out of fashion.