Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just a hint of Summer

Those long nights have left us now and the sun risers earlier each day, behind dark clouds but enough to waken me before 6. With the coming of summer, I always feel a few years younger, in my body that is, my mind is always amazed at the 60 year old staring back at me from the morning mirror. 
Soon they will say I am slowing with age, my steps are slightly slower. My face is a well-written page and time alone was the pen. 
Well my trials of life are not done. My pen is agile and my mind young. Summer will oil those stiff joints and the warmth of the sun ease those lazy muscles. The sunshine brings out the child in us all and I am hoping on a long warm season, rays tanning the body and sea water cleaning the soul. I jest not and have attached a photo I took yesterday at Sandbanks just before it rained.
From all accounts Captain Ben is well again after a time of feeling poorly, gave us all a little scare and the photograph of him going home was a welcome relief. 'Sail on Captain Ben' 
Michael is on his way back to Uni for his last exams and then it is back to work for the RNLI for the summer. Good organisation to work for and will give his CV real street creed. 
This is the last weekend Sam is welcome on all the beaches, from the 1st May certain bathing beaches are off limits but we still have all the way from Sandbanks to the Haven Hotel, if you look at the photo, it is to the left of that concrete path, to the right will be a no go zone until 1st Sept. Now how do I go about teaching Sam that to the right he is not welcome?
Our garden is awash with blue bells and a few red roses, which all lift the spirits. 

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  1. I would fight them on not letting dogs on the beach....Winston Churchill said he would fight them on the beaches.... Never surrender..... you will i am sure find the person that did that new law has some previous line to the 3rd Reich....