Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Iron Lady passes away

This week we have been through a bit of a minefield of news. Margaret Thatcher passed away after a stroke in her bed at the Ritz? Her bed? I must ask the question, why the Ritz? This seems to be one of those facts the journalists seem to be ignoring. An aging ex polictian dies alone in her bed at the Ritz? I do not really care if you liked her or not, she was the best man for the job and england needed someone strong at a time when we were the laughing stock of the world.
Robert asked me what I thought about the death of Margeret Thatcher and said I thought she had probarly come to the end of a good life and could just see Dennis, her husband who died 10 years ago, asking her at the pearly gates.
'What took you so long dear.'
He was onced asked why he does not express his views in public as often as the press would want?
'The press think I am a fool, I do not want to confirm the fact.' Was his reply.
I hope he is there for her and their love affair will last.
Now, Kim Jong Um, mentally retarded leader of North Korea wanting to take on the rest ofthe world? Now that is someone who needs a slap. Nothing good will come of this until the rest of the world unite and sort him out. At best, a bit of posturing, at worst a few hundred thousand people killed , all by someone who can not wipe his own nose properly. Give me strenght, I really thought we had gone beyond strating peacock.
Thanks for all the comments, till anon.

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  1. Did you know that in the 70's, the South Korean prime ministers wife was shot dead during a speech. While she was being carried off the podium he reportedly said "Now I'll continue with my speech" or something to that effect.