Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A blog again

Sam always follows me into the garage when I go out for a quiet pipe, yes I know it is not PC to smoke but as I light up my pipe he walks away, clever dog. I have been smoking a eCig, trying to stop a habit of a lifetime but they say it is very PC to smoke an eCig. Is it a eCig or an eCig? A before e except after c! The problem with the smoking is the same as the song. 
" The dreams which will kill me are the best I have ever had."
Back to reality, has anyone heard from Russell, that boy is so Pamagor he just does not know it. Ever since he went to Sugo Russo he has clammed up, maybe the fish was off? I came across a message on Facebook, "Hello Bro." Is all it said. I miss him too but when he stays off line how does one communicate?
Talking of communication, the humble telephone is destined to be replaced by a type of mobile phone with limited capabilities and only BT or Virgin Apps. I want a telephone that does what it say on the box, phoning. Cheap and always has a signal, fixed signal. The landline has been the only phone you have been able lot depend on all these years and now digital things take over and we are left walking around the house looking for the best signal! No I say, keep the humble landline and when the mother earth has had enough of our destruction, it will still be there to say goodbye to our loved ones and then we can turn off the lights. We are a international people who profess to love our children and then destroy their future.
I took Sam for a walk to the beach today and a good walk it was but, there is always a but, Robert was at the beach and I walk right passed him and did not see him. He saw Sam and then that was that. He was with a GIRL, strange that he is self conscious being around a girl but then maybe he did not want to see his father taking the dog for a walk while trying to impress his bella of the ball! The cad had a hidden addenda. 
All for now, Salmon Wellington, new potatoes and vegetable for us tonight.

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  1. Sitting waiting for Mika to finish her mock dance exam...the joys if parenthood, I'm sure she'll soon be that girl on the beach, Max won't let her ignore us though.