Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bank Holiday weekend 2nd attempt

Trying to blog in the sun and can not quite see all the words as the reflection shines down. As someone I know say Hey-ho lets just get on with it.
In a world gone wrong with new, new, new, we are all sucked into the wish to have everything that we can afford and still some. Take the range of Audi Q series. Q2, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8 and early next year the Q4 will complete the line up, I must say they are still lacking a Q1. I wonder if our grandchildren will have en  ough fossil fuels to be able to drive  the vast range of vehicles we are developing. Like the child that has an iPhone, iPad and laptop said 'I am bored.' Go outside and play, maybe we need to give outside a difference name. 'Why don't you go and iplay with the enviroment.' Outside apps can include iGrass (something to iplay on). iPath, something to walk on, choose your distance and see if you can succeed. The possiblities are endless and I am sure someone will or has come up with this idea already. These are all free apps and do not require a password or login account. That is maybe where we go wrong, make mummies little darling login in before they go and play iOutside.
In a break from tradition, we did not go to breakfast at Wetherspoons inn this morning but had breakfast at home, I enjoyed it but it did lack that mass prepared food taste and Susan was not really sure if it was the right thing to do, it was up to her to cook! Tonight we are going to have a wee pint and then some supper at the above mentioned pub to make up for our morning break.
The image depicts our garden awash with Bluebells that bring colour and herald the start of summer.

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