Saturday, 4 May 2013

Time and Karma

"When a bird is alive it eats ants, when the bird is dead the ant eat it. One tree can make a million matchsticks but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees." Circumstances can change at anytime.
We have started feeding the birds in our garden as the winter has been long and cold, most birds would have laid their eggs and they would have hatched by now, too cold no food so help is needed. At the minute we have half a dozen Robins, some sparrows, all look the same so not sure how many and a pair of pigeons. We had one seagull but he or she did not like the available cuisine on offer and has not been back. There is a quiet pleasure in seeing birds feeding in your garden, you take a certain amount of ownership and satisfaction in this small contribution.Changing the subject, last night I had a very good bottle of wine from Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc and very fruity with a smooth strawberry flavour touching the back of your throat. No I am not being pretentious or toff, try it if it is available where you are and let me know. I remember Russell coming over and buying a wee bottle of French wine from the boudioux region, paid a small fortune but it also had a touch of strawberry.
Tonight we have Cajun chicken, roast potato wedges and a vegetable stir fry, all complimented by a very good bottle of Blossom Hill Merlot, life is worth living at times like this. This is a bank holiday weekend so it is time to celebrate and live this precious time we have to the full.
Sorry this iPad is out of juice and so is the Samsung Galaxy, will have to sign out now and resort to a pen and paper for the next chapter of this exciting blog......


  1. I only drink Marlborough, NZ or Margaret River, Aus, Sav Blancs these days. Marlborough is probably better tho. Super yummy wine!

  2. You have very good taste and fortunes permitting I will do the same but will include quite a few SA wines as well.