Sunday, 16 June 2013

Harbour Heights

We are at friends of Susan's 50th Birthday party and is such an eye opener, this is the people of Poole. I know some and others by sight but what a world. CEO for the company who manufacture the helicopter that fly the queen around. The most amazing talent, male or female, gracing the room. We overlook the harbour, Brownsea Island in the distance and the evening closing down. A room full of people with money too impress, all paying over the odds for the simple fare. There reason I am not there is, I can not hear anyone talk to me, music too loud. What lovely people, some genuine and others hoping to be noticed. I have put a mark on my new black and white shirt,  blame it on my need for food. I wonder what light snack would cost here because I am seriously hunger. Time  passes and we live in our worlds of hope. I have asked at the restaurant for a menu, well room service can help but the kitchen is closed, they do live in a different world.
That was my rambling on after too much wine and no food, I actually uploaded this blog last night but took it down first thing this morning, as not even I could understand it.
Well let me be the first to let you in to the breaking news. 
Robert Bruce Smith and Michael Glen Smith are now British Citizens. They are Poms for those who are in doubt as to there status.
Angela is going to have a baby, I am sure she has done this before but they are having fun so I say let them enjoy life while they are young.
Mark Harold Smith has just become engaged to Claire Barclay, we wish him all the happiness that marriage can bring.
Now that I have dropped all the latest news I will leave you to reflect and hopefully see a few comments.


  1. I started reading your blog but got side tracked, then came back a few hours later and it was gone... Was wondering what happened!!! I thought I was the one having the brain freeze... Glad it was you instead!!!!! X

  2. So much news in one short should have saved some of it for material over the next few weeks...


  4. I second that! Nothing for 2 weeks now?

  5. What has happened to the Blog master ??