Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer weekend

The sun comes out and the typical Brit forgets how to dress, I know I have blogged this before but the amount of flesh I have seen today is unhealthy. I am on the front pouch waiting for the Robins to come to the feeding tray and the BBQ is all cooked. First one for the summer, may it be a good summer, if not for my sake but the rest of the family, who take delight in the sun.
Lily Florence had another birthday on Monday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY. The years fly by and my grandchildren grow strong and tall, it is all in the genes and through them we will live on. Hope you had a great day Lily Florence.
Robert and I went for a walk in Tilbury forest with Sam today, image attached, and the most absent was the sound of the birds. Forget where have all the flowers gone, where are all the birds? There are more birds in my garden then in that vast forest. I suppose as we cultivate more land and destroy more natural habitat for the birds they will migrate to the towns and houses. A survey was done to determine the amount of houses that put out food for the wild birds, 42% of all the UK households said they feed the birds. Mary Poppins had a lot to do with that. 

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  1. I am back!!! been to Paris, Venice, Greece islands, Athens, Corfu and Croatia... a birthday present from my lovely wife...spoilt hey !!!

    Still looking for my FREE Toms, can anybody inform me where us poor africans can pick up our pair sponsered by the 1st world for us............

    Hope all is well on Mud island and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY :)