Thursday, 13 June 2013

Taking in the Air

LIt is just after 5:30pm and I am sitting outside taking in the air. That is my view. It has been a funny day with crazy photos coming through of stands built upside down and others been flat packed to darkest Africa. All in all a challenge to bring out the best in what I have. Two articles written and one accepted for publication, also a funny day in that respect. Normally two articles written and none even get a reply!
I have foiled those pigeons and there eating of the food I put out for the robins, blue tits and finches. I still leave food on the bird table which the pigeons are welcome to but the smaller birds do need a little help in this clement weather. Talking of clement weather, the Poppy's and Roses have all flowered and the gale force winds and rain has made short work of us being able to enjoy the display, if it is not one thing then it is another, I sometimes despair at ever being able to just let nature take its course in a gentle way that allows us the time to contemplate, surrounded by natural colour and heady perfumes of summer. I fear it will be a long summer with many disappointments on this muddy island I call home.
Tonight I will be serving omelettes, chips and salad for dinner, actually it is not dinner by supper, dinner evokes the memories of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and all the extras. Now that is something to contemplate, when last did you have a rare joint of scotch fillet cooked gently on the BBQ and enjoyed with new potatoes and a fresh salad? This weekend shows signs of good weather and I think I will visit my local butcher and we will enjoy that noblest of meals. 
England scored 297 / 7 against Sri Lanka, Ravi Bopara hitting 33 off 13 balls and now Sri Lanka are 41 / 1. Still a while to go, SA not doing to we'll but there is hope as Steyn and De Villiers are fit and ready for the next game. Australia are giving their best, on and off the field. David Warner has thrown in a bouncer for Australia, must admit Joe Root is so young and needs to be brought back to earth. Wig what can you expect!

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