Thursday, 4 July 2013

ICC One day International

Have you seen those beautiful photographs of Claudia, Mika and Daniel? I have attached one but if you want to see anymore you better get Photo Stream and ask Gary to share with you.
At the moment I am sitting watching the most noblest of sports. Michael Holden in his Caribbean accent commented that we have just had the middle of the official summer but we have not had a summer since 2009. Rain delayed and we are down to a 20 over game, this will see who is the 50 overs - One Day International champion?  Funny old game cricket but still one of the most absorbing games to watch. Where in the world would you play a game for 5 days and not get a result, beautiful. One wicket down and 13.2 overs to go. I will carry on once we have our next rain break, but if that happens I believe it will be a draw. 39/1.
Chris Tredwell in as our spinner, 7 from the over. Good over. 
Ravi Bopara in at the other end with a little dark clouds in the distance? Bopara gets Dhawan 21 runs off 34 balls. Indian now 50/2 at 8.2 overs. Four balls to go and we have a wide. 3 runs from the over, good over and Ravi is back. 
Well we back and we lost. We were there for the final but I see tears with the Ashes coming up. Still the best game to watch.
Summer is finally playing its trump card and today, 6 days after the final, we are spring cleaning. That is what we do when the sun comes out. Cut the lawn, trimmed the bushes and cleared out the garage. Robert did help, he cleaned his Apollo mountain bike and that is a first. We gave it to him on his birthday just under two years ago and he has finally washed it. I must admit it does look very clean!
With the sun I become a sun widow, Susan off to the beach for most of the afternoon, comes home burnt, happy and wary. She was talking off taking herself off to the Mediterranean in search of sun, so we will not lose her for the short term.
Where are the blogs you might say, here just a little tardy. Cricket, Tennis and the latest Game of Thrones does mess with my writing. Talking of TV did you see the last episode in the series Downton Addey? The nice guy killed off, what are they thinking. If you can see the series, do.

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