Sunday, 28 July 2013

Relaxing hell out of the weekend.

We always say we are just going to relax this coming weekend but there is always something to do, walk the dog, shopping, going for coffee and generally fitting some house work in at the same time. It is now just before 5 Sunday afternoon and we have just started relaxing hell out of the weekend. Rain it did this weekend, as Obi One Kanobi would say, we really needed the rain, the vegetation here is so accustomed to regular rain, that 2 weeks of 25+ deg C changed the whole colour of the grass, more like the South African lawns in the winter. Dry and lifeless, but it has now rained, so hopefully things will be back to normal.
Michael is doing well at the RNLI and Robert has got his first job, well part time as he still has another year to go at school and then 3 to 4 years at Uni, but still a job is a job and he will be earning some real money for a change. Susan is ironing and watching a romantic movie on television, also being just the best as always.
Robert and I were talking about the hidden meaning of so many words we use. Imagine if you will, an overseas student, crash course in English and over hears a conversation between two Brits.
"Did you hear about that accident on the M4? Well the man lost a gear, in the accident that caused, he lost his two children as well, awful."
The overseas student might be wondering why they are not looking for the lost children and gear. As I said, the other meaning of a simple looking word. I am lost, you lost me, I lost my wallet, I lost my father, I lost my dog. Now the last one, is he just lost or died? Never really know do we. 
Did you know that there is 1.2 billion messages posted on the Internet everyday, they call that a social society, we do stay in touch more, it is instant, but have you not longed for a letter, a real letter coming through the post, handwritten, now that is so personal. I am just as much to blame as the rest of us by blogging and not printing off a Chronicle once in a while and sending it via snail mail to all those I love. Maybe someday, someone will do that and we will all wait with eager anticipations for the postman to ring.

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