Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer, Birthdays and moe

 When you go to Asda supermarket to get a quick pint of milk you pay £1.50 for parking, the pint of milk costs 86p? I still see so many people shopping there and I must be missing something. Life goes on, Susan and I went to the RNLI for a quiet pint and also picked up Michael. I must say for a charity they are very posh. Massive buildings and loads of rescue craft all resting in case of a shipping disaster. Well from the number of craft I estimate it could be a very big shipping accident. Maybe 3 cruise liners colliding in the English channel, full of American tourists. What fun those volunteer life guards would have. They would be modern day heros and I do not think that will ever happen.
Asked Robert where Michael was and his answer " God knows." My reply was simple " He is not telling." Such a simple question, so packed full of pithole.
Matthew Charles Dickens has had a birthday and we all remembered but all forgot to send him an email. Matthew if you are reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  but the Ashes stay here. I  must admit I am looking forward to watching Michael Clark bat, he is one of the best in the world. Talking of Birthdays, Matthew Smith has just turned 21, what a milestone, he has turned out to be a great guy by all accounts. HAPPY BRITHDAY MATTHEW.
Susan is at the beach again, not again you say but this time she has taken time off from her busy workload and has travelled in seek of the sun. Well it is better then her getting home very late and then moaning about her lateness, as though it was our fault. Bless her she tries to please everyone.
I have had my first swim of the summer, 29 deg C and the water was so tempting, went to the beach to see Susan and it was packed, could not find her so had a swim and I must admit it was refreshing,  something like Clifton - Capetown without the wind. I will swim again, just not too soon. Freeze the brass balls off a monkey!

Opened a naughty Claret tonight from Bordeaux and it reminds me of that song. "The dreams which are killing me are the best I ever had." As Angela says, hey Ho let's live for today. That is something that brings me to my next subject, food, pizza and I have popped a pizza in the oven but I must Sugo to that restaurant in Bryanston everyone talks about. I am of the belief their Pizza's are again to remember that song, you know the one above, sing with me. Tally Ho fellow readers of this blogosphere, I must return to the bell that alerts me my food needs to come out the oven. We are having Nandos French frays, salad, pizza and omelettes for tea and that bottle of Claret of course.

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