Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Ashes and the Drama

The 2nd test, drama, action and the quiet times. Australia have beaten us for many years but the shoe is on the other foot at the moment and I am enjoying it. The first test could have gone any way but this one is developing into a good win. Never say die, that is what I am weary of, the Australia will not lie down and die. Tomorrow will tell us all. We must remember that this is essentially a 10 match series, 5 here and 5 in Australia. This is going to a tension filled summer. Enough of cricket it is getting like the saga of the weeds in Poole Park. I know you all are longing to hear about the weeds but there are those of you who have heard it all before. 
Susan is still living at the beach, so is half the country. Good summer weather here and we all all swimming. 
Angela is now in a new home and we all wait to see what this mansion looks like. A word of advise to Angela, do not surpass the Middle Smiths, firstly because they are related to the Mafia and secondly their children have finally made good friends where they live and the dogs know their turf. Let them rest a while in their home before they put it on the market again.
Talking of dogs, have you seen those unfortunate dogs being dragged along when they try to sniff at something. Well the humble friend of ours has different ways of reading the news, that small patch of grass is the daily news, a lamp post the latest headlines, you would not like your newspaper taken away from you, just as you started reading it. They see the world through smells and the odd taste which they flick up to the back of their throat to analysis. Let your best friend take in the latest gossip and that will repay him a little, for all the undying love he has given you.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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