Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Orange Day Marches and my Birthday

Woke to what looked like a warm sunny day with the prospect of a trip to National Trust "Monticute Mansion" and surrounding gardens near Yeovil. They have the most extraordinary wobbly hedge, image attached. 
Now lets talk about the presents, Michael and Robert gave me a bar stool for the garage, Susan gave me a Gazebo, a place to write without the sun spoiling my experience. It is almost a conservatory and fits just snugly against the front door so giving us an extension on the living room as well. Susie Pie is so clever.
Talking of someone clever, this was on one of my cards.
Dear Pops!
Hope you have a wonderful day which will be a lasting memory (for when you become more forgetful). Old age grants you the ability to say what you like with no consequences , so take advantage.
That is a fact, talking about facts, did you know that Fact No. 119 states.
It is estimated that a quarter of life's pleasurable moments involve cheese and wine in some capacity. Well everyone I saw gave me cheese and wine yesterday, thus leading to more than a quarter of life's pleasurable moments, if I have anything to do with it.

England are playing Australia in the Ashes and Australia are slowly getting the upper hand. I think this will be a tense after match discussion by Andy Flower and his team. Unfortunately when you only have 310 runs ahead on the board, it is a game Australian would win on most days.
The day has got hotter and is now at that sticky stage when all your clothes seem to cling, I know there has been the odd comment that summer will never come, it has arrived and we are not really ready.
Angela and Matt have moved to another house, they have another addition to the family coming quite soon and they need the space. Oh to be young and mobile, I am looking forward to the photos of the new house when they become available. It is better to have moved now then closer to the time. I just hope they keep their moving boxes as they will need them again soon.
Just to get back to my birthday, it ended with our good friends the Cooks bringing some wine and cheese and staying for a finger supper and enjoying a bottle or two of fine wine. Birthday cake was a Victoria sponge with cream and strawberries.

Thank you everyone for the messages and the Facebook greeting, those who missed getting hold of me, I know you thought of me so I love you all.

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