Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weeds and Cars

Well, well, well, another blog and I am off and running. Some of us said that the weeds had been done  before, well I must say they are back. This time they have matured quite well, it is the same when you cut the grass, it grows back stronger. The Poole Borough Council in all its wisdom used water tractors to harvest the weeds last year, have just started the same process again this year. True, I have the images to prove it. They are a little Delboys type machines and look very like un - tractor like tractors. We pay our Rates and Taxes and we get this! I must go back to my previous blog and impart some words of wisdom to our over paid council officials. Drain the lake, spray the weeds with roundup and let it do its work. You will have a clean lake and next year it will be the same. How much did you say he earned?
Then this over paid council worker employed his cousins from Wales and we have the water tractor. I know you will say I am moaning but sometimes we have to hold those people who spend our money too account. I ask you, look at the water tractor. That is what they are throwing at the weeds, do they not know they do re grow! 
Enough I hear you say. 
I must admit that is too much already. Take heart gentle reader I will stop. 
And now I must digest. Angela has decided to change her Q5 for a more Eco friendly car, she has commissioned a very trendily couple to test drive this beautifully crafted motorcar and will be installing  another two seats for Ben and the bump. I jest not, see the photo that was spied by the Wikileaks camera crew. 

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