Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Every Picture tells story

We all watched  Startrek, the quest to go where no man has  been, I have , but sometimes where you came from, is so ingrained in your very soul that there  is no getting away from that automatic reach for the Bokomo Weetabix for your breakfast  Your urge to check the weather in St Michaels, there is no one there any more but they where and that is what makes this urge all that greater. The day passes and when you are shopping for dinner you instinctively drop a South African white and red in your basket.
This  is not done by instinct, but to stay connected. The bottle of red Australian wine that appears in your basket is not by design or accident but that connections that flows through you without you knowing. Family and children are there, be it Australia or South Africa, and I cannot forget.
We are moving, our landlord has got some family problems and needs the house back, so we are looking for a new house, exciting times and not before time.
Every picture does tell a story, take the top one as an example. That screw kept for sometime we might need it, those old course papers which might be useful for someone in the future? My favourite, the inside of a cream cheese tub with a recipe we will never make. Waste not want not, the old expression rears its head again. Getting back to that screw, I have a feeling there is a screw lose somewhere, maybe even lost, I will have a think on this, maybe that screw has a home.

Now onto the most important news of all, Gary Smith is having a birthday, yes I know, not another one, seems to have 2 or 3 a year. He said to me the other day that he was looking for a small boat, as he has moved near a dam and wanted to take the family on a water adventure. As you can see he has been doing his homework and now it is just about the finer points. It seems the Sunseeker has come up trumps. Will the internet work? Is there a cellar for the wine? Complex questions that need to be answered. I do believe it has a gas fuelled pizza oven for those odd days you would want a Italian open sandwich. Happy Birthday Pants, may the joys of youth surround you and the fortunes of happiness engulf you. Can someone tell me how he will get it there?
I have opened a bottle of Pinotage tonight because at my age you do not let an opportunity to go by, who knows, you can not be too careful, tomorrow is a long way away.


  1. Nicely written and Happy Birthday Gary pants

  2. I remember walking down sandbanks beach years ago with Dad and Gary discussing the prospect of going 'halves' on a small boat!