Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Walking Sam

Somedays I wonder where to take Sam for a walk. The beach is always an option but the countryside does beckon? Sometimes I just want to go somewhere I can sit and be still. let my mind find it own answers to what ever problem or challenge disturbs it. 
Taking Sam to the beach on rainy days is the obvious solution, that way he stays clean but on those few days when the sun is shining and the breeze is gentle, Wareham Forest is our getaway location. 
When you walk through a forest with Sam you tend to let your mind drift, you reflect on your path taken and there I realised, that surviving and living your life takes courage. The ambitions and dreams you're strive for require courage and risk taking. Makes me think of the tortoise, it only makes progress when it sticks out it's head. 
Michael has bought another car to get around Bristol. Now that he is staying in a house quite far from the University, he really needed a car to combat those mad drivers. A little advise to anyone wanting to travel in Bristol, take care, ignore the blaring hooters and make sure you know where you going. 

This is a time of change, moving house being the top of our agenda. We are looking for a 3/4 bedroom house, quite central, with a garden. This might seem easy but over here most landlords do not want dogs or children. What a reflection on our society? Talking of moving, Gary has just sold his house and has rented a castle until they build their new home. Angela and Matt moved just a few months ago to a 6 bedroom mansion as Angela is expecting the pitter patter of little feet again. This Christmas will be a challenge for Santa.
Before Christmas we must not forget, Gary will be having another birthday on the 9th, I trust I join everyone in wishing him a Happy Birthday, hopefully he will have some healing water from the grapes to take him into his next year.

We went to a party at Longthorns Farm, they know how to put on a party, a local photographer caught Michael partaking in what is known as a stubby, look like a beer to me.