Thursday, 12 December 2013

Captain Ben

David has been around for a while and by now you are feeling a little left out, never, your Mum is always there, a little occupied at the minute but she wants you to know that one day when you are sailing the open sea, she will be saying;
Captain Ben stop your roaming
Captain Ben, leave the sea
Captain Ben, when the tide turns
Come home safe to us
As you sail across the sea
All our love is there beside you
In Capri or Amsterdam
Honolulu or Siam
To the harbour of your home
We send our love to guide you
As we call across the sea
Come home.
(I must credit Petula Clark 1963 for this inspiration)
The silly season is on us, Christmas parties the whole of next week, London, Ringwood, Lulworth and Ashley Cross bring there own company and experiences. I believe in Christmas and this is the time we can enjoy the time of our lives. 
Well that is all I have time for but do not be strangers, comments on where you will be over this Christmas Season are what it is all about.  

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