Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

The rare time when both boys were walking with me in Poole Park and we were wondering if it will snow this Christmas, that is all I need, a little snow! Starts me off, sets the theme, helps my Christmas spirit, every year I dream, hoping things will change. To end all the crying, shouting and the dying. Also an end to small children who are cold and hungry. It’s Christmas, we’ve got to remember.
Every single day but one and every night should, I believe, be the same as Christmas Eve. Nights should all be warm, days should all slow down. The children should all be warm and full, but this is a pipe dream so if only some are better off next Christmas we will have made a start.

Christmas Eve, what wonder awaits us all. I would imagine a few turkeys would rather it not be Christmas so soon but I hope your turkey is soft! succulent and tender. We must respect the bird for what it has given us and take special care when roasting. Always remember turkey sandwiches are so good on Boxing Day.

Susan went to lunch in London yesterday and we had one of the most horrendous storms while she was away. The upshot of it all was that we drove to Brockenhurst last night to pick her up from the station. Some tree had fallen across the lines so the train was cancelled to Poole. The boys and I battled through torrential rain, flooded roads and fallen trees to get to the centre of the New Forest, and low and behold we found a great Italian restaurant right next to the station. Pasta and pizza settled our jangled nerves and we happily chatted until her train arrived. Most pleasant evening and such a good thing from what could have been a disaster.

Well I have managed to wrap all my presents and bought all the food for the Christmas and Boxing Day fest, many bottle of wine are now happily awaiting that pop of the cork and then all I can say is let the celebrations begin.

To all my readers, casual and some far away, Merry Christmas, I hope you receive all you wanted and some. 

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