Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The times we live in

Let no man say that the years do not fly by, just the other day we saw a great man walk to freedom, today we mourne his parting. He designed the foundations but with such a short life to live he could not make sure those foundations were true. Many have followed him and many have profited by his greatness, no one was true to his beliefs.
Angela has had a bouncy boy, David, all so exciting and for the Captain Ben and the Princess Lily it must have been quite a shock. 
'Mummy went to Coles and bought us David.' If only was that easy. Welcome to this world David Gary Dickens, Ben be gentle, he is only little.
He will build friendships through out his life and someone once said.
'This bond we lightly call friendship, it grows like the mist and holds like steel.' David just remember we are your friends, now you do not know it but in time you will value that friendship. 
It is times like this that I think of that pioneer of a brother of mine, trying to tame the world around him and I do believe in his time we will say he was a good man, no more can we ask of him. Happy Christmas Rus if we do not exchange pleasantries on the day. We always think of you and your generous self, do not forget we do love you. 
This Christmas for us will be special, we are going to have a Christmas like no other, Michael back from Uni, Robert has been given the day off from Staples and then we look forward to the Middle Smiths visiting over the Hogmanay period of our festive season. 
Yes we are finally moved in to this modern house but, yes there is a but, it is a box. A very well constructed box but a box none the less. Talk of battery hens, they do get there pound per square foot when building these estates. The Panda would have a hard time getting into the garage, that's says it all.
Robert is taking Sam for a walk, nothing strange about that you might say but Robert has never taken Sam for a walk. The thing is the dog does Poo and Robert has an ad version to picking up Poo. So we will wait to see if this is going to be a regular walk or a one off.
Speak soon.

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  1. The world is there to be conquered....if i am not then why am i here? Just taking up space????