Saturday, 22 February 2014

The weird world we live in

I saw a girl just before Christmas who had serveral rings throught her nose and 4 in her ears, purple hair, no thought for what she would look like 10 years from now? I really believe we should look to her perants and their past to see where the genes came  from.
Rant over, still coming to terms with this shock type culture, changing beautiful young girls into creatures I would find hard to welcome in my home. Come on parents, if you want to have them, then grow up, bring them up properly. 
Susan and I have started to plant in this barren garden. Passion Fruit creeper was the first thing on our list but it is too early so we settled for Camellia, Azalea, peacock Orchid, Gladiolus, Liatris and Oxalis. Yes I know I hear you Granny June " I love Camellas and Orchids." Well you are the one who inspired us to get off our butts and plant. They do say the Italian name for the Passion Fruit is 'Passion Erotica', but then it is the Italians and we all know how passionate they are about Passion. Susan is also quite fond of passion, Passion Fruit, what are you thinking? 
Talking of Granny Susie Pie, Susan to the rest of us but we have to consider those down under, we had quite a debate about returning presents. My feeling is when you receive a present be thankful. Her feeling is you must be able to return those unwanted gifts, chosen by someone who loves you and wanted to give that gift to you. Return societies. Where have we gone wrong? My feeling is we receive a gift with grace, be thankful someone else thought of us and had the generosity of spirit to want to bestow on us that unique gift. 

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