Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 3 of the Fruit and Planting Challenge

The good news is that Angela has joined the challenge, substituting raw veges for the fruit, I am sure Princess Lily, Captain Ben and David will enjoy all the raw veges as little soldiers, complete with the appropriate dips. No up take from Matt, well I am sure he will get around to it.
Susan has joined and is only taking the Fruit challenge, one fruit a day for 30 days, good luck my Darling. 
I had a pear today and planted a Parsley plant as we eat loads of garlic. I must admit I am feeling well with this Fruit Challenge, plants are also getting a chance in life and once I have finished planting all the herbs our pasta's and pizza's will be totally organic.
We are all waiting for Gary and Claudia to join, healthy bunnies of note and Mika would love this challenging adventure. 
I have lost the will to live waiting for Russell, so far in the wilderness, we wait for paraffin to power his mobile phone and connect with the universe. Come on Rus you really want to.


  1. What is the challenge? I ate watermelon yesterday, pear the day before and my yogurt had fruit in today

  2. You also have to plant some thing every day? Good luck

  3. Banana, pear, celery. (3,4,5 march) x

  4. I am sure you are feeling healthier already, well done