Friday, 7 March 2014

The Challenge Day 5, 6 and 7.

Well I have had some strange comments and text messages with regards to this difficult challenge. Russell seems to have taken to it well and planted 12 Oak trees and wanted to know if they can count for the next 12 days. Fantastic feat, 12 Oak trees and I suppose a fruit yoghurt. I put his case to the judges and argued his side of the case but to no avail. The answer came back very clear.
One plant a day and one fruit.

Angela has been doing well, Kale as her raw vegetable yesterday and today it is Mushrooms. Hopefully she cooks them first. Susan was up late trying to decide which of the 4 fruits she ate yesterday to count as her daily fruit. I did check her blog but with the exception of a little rant about university life, there was no mention of the chosen fruit.
Susan blog can be found here:
Well on Day 5, I had black grapes and planted Convallaria bulbs. Commonly known as the Lily of the Valley, is a sweetly scented woodland flowering plant. Quite beautiful and holds the added temptation of being very poisonous

Day 6 was good as I had tomato as a fruit and planted spring onions for future salads. 
Today I have planted Water Cress, also for that almighty salad and I am having sliced peaches and cream for dessert. I alway marvel at the humble canned peach, full of so much flavour and never sour. I have also made a peach crumble in the past and found it most enjoyable.

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  1. I have just planted 8 tomato plants and 6 kale 3 portions of watermelon and fruit had pineapple pieces on my pizza...... I am way ahead....judges are giving me a raw deal :)