Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Challenge enters Day 4

It is a challenge that has sparked comments which will hopefully turn to com mentors joining this excellent cause. Angela has gone for raw vegetables, Russell is still contemplating fruit yoghurt and Susan has opted for just fruit. I strive on, courageous and strong, planted a few bulbs yesterday and had a melon and grape snack in Ringwood. I must say my tub had green grapes in but you get the idea.
Those Aussies are giving South Africa a lesson in test cricket, ruthless and focused, they are destroying batsmen and will be the No. 1 test team if they not already. They did hone their skills on our fine English team and now using that knowledge to win the series in South Africa.
Just a word of caution to Russell, throwing your apple pip into the garden is not classed as planting. The judges are very stern on the definition of planting, one must prepare the soil and plant according to the instructions. Sorry I did take it up with them but they refuse to reconsider.


  1. I planted 12 Oak trees, does that give me 12 days grace?

  2. I will put it to the judges, they are a mean bunch!