Sunday, 16 March 2014

The challenge has shifted

Where do I begin, I have changed the challenge slightly since we last spoke. I was planting everything in pots as we have no garden. Actually pots are not working for me so have decided to create a garden to plant all those fragrant plants, herbs and vegetables. See attached photograph of the original garden and then stage one with bed boxes along the right and the rear. ( Click on the image to enlarge)
This way I can plant to my hearts content and have the added bonus of establishing a great garden full of all those plants which are now in pots. I have decided to fill the back bed box with the stones that cover the garden at the moment. I will also cover that bed box with panels and this will hopefully create a long garden bench.
Angela is making masks from wine cartons, that is real wine drinking and I am sure the children enjoy the masks.
I must admit all this gardening is having its toll. I now have aches and stiffness in places I did not really know I had. Age has no respect for youth, you heard it here first.
Granny Susie Pie has escaped to Alton, way beyond Birmingham, for a 5 day management conference. Good luck to all those who present their presentations, what would a conference be without the odd boring presentation thrown in. Susan's are all fresh, crisp and full of good results, it is the others we worry about.
Please let me know how your challenge is going, raw vegetables, oak trees and tomatoes seem to be the all time favourites.


  1. Things have moved on and still no blog! Is this because I can now read them easily that they have dried up!!!