Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Garden Beginning

We have started enjoying our garden, this is the beginning but we are happy with the results. I must remind you what it looked like when we started and then where we are now.
A garden is not like a lounge or any other room in your house. Buy a sofa and two armchairs, coffee table, cushions and curtains and you are set for a while. No garden has its own moods, seasons and then the weather has something to say. We have began our garden and are now living in it. We feel comfortable but it is still so young, So we must begin our journey with what we have, the grass is green and lush and the bedding plants seems to be growing but one tends to look too often and too closely to really see a difference.
We are having a New Garden Celebration BBQ (weather permitting) this coming weekend, let the wine toast a small area of beauty.
On another note, all my clients seem to be buying Windows 8 and as I offer support for their IT I have been running into this new operating system and needed to get my own so as to become familiar with the program. To install Windows 8 on my Sony would have cost me £ 139.00. Robert phoned me to say Staples had incorrectly priced their new HP Pavilion at £ 160.00. Good machine and runs Windows 8. i3 processor and 4gb Ram, 1tb hard drive on a 14" laptop. So no brainer, I bought another laptop. I must say the Windows 8 is a little confusing, made for a tablet and then adapted to work on a PC does not make for a good combination. Anyway Microsoft have launched Windows 8.1, so before I set anything up I downloaded Windows 8.1. That is where the fun started, 4 and a half hours later it was finally installed. Better than the straight 8 but still a dog. Verdict, buy an Apple and save yourself many hours of frustration.

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