Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Awake, awake, spring awake

The birds herald the arrival of spring, waking me earlier and earlier. They seem to be celebrating, a dawn chorus to nature, with the lengthening and warming of the days. Our garden has been largely quiet throughout the winter, apart from the plucky robin or the eerie call of rooks.

Birds are thinking about finding territories and mates, no time to lose, so they sing. This is a time of year you can not miss the song of the amorous birds. Spring Watch will let us know when the first of the migrant birds make landfall. This is a time of plenty for, not only the birds, but plants, animals and, dare I say it, insects. It is a celebration, an awakening, enjoy this short time of plenty, soon it will get darker, days shorter and weather cooler.
I do love those long nights, no bird chatter early in the morning. 

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  1. Hi Russell, we must catchup soon. Congrats on joining the smart phone world, is it a Nokia Luma?