Friday, 11 April 2014

Much a do about Nothing

Yes, yes you have heard it all before but this time I will complete the garden and we will have a BBQ to celebrate. Maybe invite a few friend around and encourage a bottle or two of wine from the cellar to toast the job finally done. Much to do, mow the lawn, construct the bench and fashion the flower box, boxes to balance the vista.
Tomorrow evening we are going to have a Italian dinner at a quant little restaurant in the old town, let the vino flow, embrace the salad and devour the pizza/pasta, the celebration s will begin early but then who can say they had a gravel pit one day and a garden the next.
Russell, according to Pamagor, has embraced the smart phone world, the price of paraffin is just too much for him. Battery power and 3G now follow this boy around. Pamagor is delighted, they do a instant chat now via 3G and have taken on the might of Android to video call, more to show off their latest fashion item, then anything else but it is good to take on modern apps ( applications ).
I have just iMessaged Russell and it seems it is not an iPhone, as the message was not delivered, so we will have to wait for a response to our text messages. Pamagor has been an officisnodo of the dark side for many years, actually just before Pants got involved. I iMessaged him and he is also in the dark, maybe someone can find out if it is a smart phone or an iPhone?
Well Angela has graced us with some lovely photographs of her children basking in the sun, maybe Mark will take a few photos of his world and we will havea good picture of what the state of our family is in.
For those who want to know, Susan has a blog and you can view it here.
Have good weekend.


  1. I have a TV now for a cell phone, progressed from my parrafin driven one....its a...wait for it....its a Sony Xepria Z1....I am now hacking into all your phones, tablets, laptop and even your home phones

  2. Yay, the blogs are flowing!!!