Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sea life Trust

Merlin are launching a new website which is focused on Marine Conservation. Susan brought the latest in house news letter with all their dream and aims. Below is a little of the ethos, it is well worth reading and digesting.
Here at SEA LIFE we care deeply about our oceans, the creatures that live above and beneath the surface and those we are lucky enough to have in our care. We are experts in husbandry and will only keep creatures that we know will thrive in the displays we create for them.
We are active campaigners and activists, doing all we can to preserve the precious life that dwells in our oceans. As well as the practical breeding, homing, rescue and rehabilitation of ocean dwelling creatures we also petition governments, host conferences and help raise awareness of all kinds of important marine issues.
A SEA LIFE fund raising campaign has enabled a new Sea Turtle Rescue and Wildlife Information Centre to be built on the Greek island of Zakynthos. This is because 90% of the loggerhead turtle nests in the Mediterranean are found here. Until the centre was built any adult turtles injured in collisions with pleasure craft or through entanglement in fishing gear around the island (of which there are many) could only be treated at a centre in Athens, a day’s travel away.
I am not the biggest fan of aquariums but an occasionally a brief stroll through is quite soothing, seeing those beautiful fish, sharks, octopus and heaven knows what else they put into those cleverly designed tanks, swimming so effortlessly is worth a visit. Young children would take an instant delight to the wonder of seeing the ocean creatures so closeup. 
I invite all my grand children to come and visit me and I will take you to Chessington, you can ride some exciting rides, see some wild animals at the safari park and then when you weary I will take you to you a food station and you can top up with burger, pizza and a soft drink before a stroll through the aquarium. 
The best thing about Chessington is that they only allow children, anyone over 21 is classed as an adult and has to be accompanied by a child. 
On another more somber note, let's stop using plastic. Seriously it is slowly destroying our planet. Every year about 10 million tons of plastic is dumped in the sea. That little turtle you see is very nosy and will eat plastic and then slowly get very poorly, ditch plastic.

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  1. Mmmm would LOVE to visit but just flew to Adelaide with 3 under 5 and a husband. 2and a half hours of keeping Benji contained, mopping up Davey's vomit which was ALL over Matt , and wrangling the iPad out of Lily's hands. Needless to say they're asleep and it's wine time for Mummy!!!! Might be a yr or 2 before we attempt another flight!!!!!