Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Gardener returns a Promise

Miracles do happen, said by one famous person many years ago. Thanks be The Lord, another saying by someone many years ago. I believe in miracles, so do two happy family of mine and all the others who feel for these are the good times. I am reminded of Granny June at moments like this, I will let her know when everything settles down, be good to catchup. 
Talking of miracles, Robert is having his last school holiday, then off to Uni and the big wide world. It is time, we love him dearly but he has to move on now. 
The garden has taken a turn for the better, as can be seen in the photo I have attached/displayed, inserted, you get the idea. It is only the back section to do, on the left and right a pot plant or two and in the middle a quiet bench to contemplate the day, a catchup area where you can break thing down and then rebuild them, life.
Tonight we have fish and chips, great British fare and I am alone as Susan is doing Yoga and Robert is courting Lady Freya. 
I did see those comments regarding the length of time it has taken me to do the next blog and will make a note.
Getting back to the Fish and Chips, I have to own up, gone are the chips being replaced by roasted winter vegetables tossed in olive oil and finely chopped garlic. I did add a chilli and a whole green pepper and seasoned well. I tossed together a fresh salad and warmed up a garlic roll. Sometimes I wonder at the marvels of simple cooking and those flavours that tease your taste buds with every mouthful. Oh the fish? That was cod done in a light batter with a hint of garlic and basil.
I have being sipping a very lively Claret from Bordeaux. It says on the bottle that this fruit driven Claret is rich with velvety plums, black currants and characteristic cedary notes? I am amazed that for £ 3.99 they are able to get all that into the bottle, but it is rather pleasant. 
Susan has a blog and is delving deeper into the mystic of bringing up children, really worth a read if you know where to find it. 


  1. Garden looks great! Well done. Xxx

  2. Amazing transformation, gravel to paradise. I do love a well thoughtout Garden, did Susan plan it?

  3. Well blow me over with a feather duster! Dad doing some gardening!