Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Australia Travels

After almost a year exploring the coastline of Britain and South Africa, historian and archaeologist Pamagor is traveling Australia's spectacular coastline - its people, their history, and its many natural wonders that has drawn him to this beautiful continent.
Pamagor is dressed by fashion designer Mark Russell, he is showcasing all the latest that this inspiring designer has to offer as he explores the coast of Australia.
Pamagor is also going to be changing his name by deed poll in Australia, it is just cheaper there and he can add a nick name, all the rage in OZ. Davey, Benji to name just a few.
While there he hopes to catch up with his old friend Geoff, professional traveler and avid mobile home enthusiast. Pamagor is a little worried he is getting too close to the natives in the outback.

First Leg of the Journey.

Flying from Brisbane to Derby, courtesy of Bald Travel, a small travel agency in Perth, run by Ben, Ang, Lily and David. He stopped over just long enough to see the Prison Baob Tree then on by helicopter to the pristine Kimberley of Western Australia. He was able to buy a ‘CHLODEN Merlot Tote’ Lovebag for $164.95. 

Fully equipped he walked in primeval tracks along the legendary Dinosaur Coast. I must mention that he has a cleverly fashioned hat with French Beaujolais wine bottle corks attached with ultra thin nylon to keep the flies away. No wine was wasted in the making of this extraordinary hat.

Exhausted he is now recovering in his hotel and preparing for his next leg of his journey.
‘There is so much sand between places it is like a desert.’ Wise words indeed.

I leave him pondering his change of name and will catch up with him on the next leg of his adventure to Broome.

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