Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bank Holiday

Well it has been and gone, I have not heard from Tamacgor S Bald for a while so I would imagine he is enjoying the wines of Margaret River. 
Michael is in Vietnam and has left Saigon and is on his way to Mui Ne by coach. Actually he is probably there already as they are 6 hours ahead of us. These time zones can get one a little confused. 
Over the weekend we found a very interesting Coffee shop and garden centre in Lychett Matravis called The Barn. We had afternoon cream teas and then wandered around the French Antique shop and the garden center.  Firstly the coffee was good and full of flavour, I actually had a Bacon and Brie panini and it was Susan who had the Scone, clotted cream and jam, all very tasty. I have included a shot of a novel way of using an old wardrobe, using old pots etc can make quite an interesting eclectic mix in a crowded garden.Easy to do, just visit a tip and pick up some old pots etc and you are away. 
Not heard from anyone lately so I am assured they are all well and getting on with their lives.
Oh our sweet peas are starting and we will be eating lovely fresh peas soon, will also be great in a salad. Our garden has not changed much, plants are starting to fill out and new shoots and flowers everywhere. I will leave it for another month then send you an up to date photo, just for your records.
Took Sam to the beach for a walk today and the attached image shows a big storm approaching, the quiet before the storm added an interesting feel of stolen time before the rain, but it never arrived. 
Comments as usual are welcome.
All for now, speak soon.