Friday, 23 May 2014

Second leg of Australian Adventure

Pamagor has confirmed he will be known as Tamacgor S Bald from this day on. He has just sent me his latest news on his adventures in Australia and included this notice from The Sydney Morning Herald. Tamacgor? I suspect he has been on the wine again, he does love a bottle of Merlot and has been known to have another. Did anyone notice the typo in the Notice?

Extract from the Second Leg:

I started this morning early with a boat ride over the Horizontal falls, they do say it is southern hemisphere's biggest tides surge. I was ill so it was a relief to put my feet back on dry soil, must of been those oysters. You know how much I wanted to see the maritime war grave, well it was a very pleasant walk, just a bunch of old wrecked planes really. Davey, my tour guide had some seriously laced coffee, which we sat and sipped while watching the sea slowly come in with the tide. That is when we decided to change our travel plans and head to Margaret River, wine growing region of repute, Broome can wait for another time. Planes leaves in 30 minutes so will catch up soon...Tamacgor S Bald.
I have left all the rambling as he does go on a bit, all about what he was wearing, not really relevant.
Michael leaves for Vietnam today, 5 weeks with a bunch of other students from the Uni and I wish him Bon Voyage and hope he has a good time. Lord knows what he will do in the jungle for 5 weeks but then students will be students and someone has to visit Vietnam, if only to say it is still there.

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