Monday, 2 June 2014

News updates

Hawthorn, why Hawthorn? Actually I do not know. Must have some relevance or I would not have written it done. Move on, it will come to me later or never.
I must admit to be a little lazy today as we only got out of bed at 9 this morning to go for our Saturday run. A pleasant and warm day greeted us and the added bonus was the absence of wind. Susan forgot to take her asthma inhaler so battled a little as her lungs were reluctant to accept the increase in her air intake. I ran like to wind but then I usually do. 
Normal weekend ahead of us, Susan a little perturbed as she feels she must go and see her mother. Yes the renowned Mags. I really feel for Susan as it is not easy to have a pleasant visit at the best of times. Talking of Mags, I am sure the military could use her, Mags ( Military Atomic Granny Syndrome ) give her 5 minutes in Afghanistan and the Taliban will be running for the hills. Anyway we must remember that old age will come to all of us, just with varying degrees of dementia.
Robert is doing his application for student finance with Susan ever watchful, peering over his shoulder. Hopefully will not take too long as I would really like to go out to a coffee shop and have a wee scone and cream or a panini.
Lily Florence is 5 today and we wish her a really exciting birthday, full of presents and good cheer. Some photos on iPhoto stream for those interested,I especially liked the rainbow outfit, very cute. Michael is having a great time in Vietnam and staying in some really nice hotels for as little as £ 6 per night, see photo attached.
Well thats all for now.


  1. What is Robert planning on studying?

    1. I think he is interested in Sociology and Politics, let see his results first!