Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The page that aches

The page that aches for a word which speaks on a theme that is timeless. Niel Diamond from the song "Be". I do believe one of the best song writers to come out of my youth, well 1970's really. Have you heard the album Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Here is a few words from this iconic album.

As a page that aches for a word.
Which speaks on a theme that is timeless.
While the Sun God will make for your day.
As a song in search of a voice that is silent.

Really worth a listen and when you are feeling like a bit soul therapy, it will make you think. Maybe even lift you to try the impossible, it is all about having faith in yourself and not giving up if you believe in something enough.
Michael bought me a turntable for Christmas and I have ordered this LP to celebrate the resurgence of vinyl records. 
Comments seem to be a problem, Susan and Michael say they can never get it posted. I feel much better now as I know you all are trying to comment but seem to have the same problem. Word of advise, make sure you are signed in to be able to comment, I am looking into why it is such a hassle and will revert soonest.
Christmas has come and gone through a haze of flu. I had the flu, crept up on me when my guard was down and  struck on Christmas day, holding me in its grip until the 27th, then letting go as if I was not worthy. So because of the flu and not the fault of the flu I recall very little of this festive time, only to say we did manage to unwrap gifts, eat too much and get spoilt by everyone we know. 
Sorry Russell, did not manage to catchup over Christmas but did get your message and we all rose a glass to wee Russell from George, Merry Christmas and as new year is so close have a great and happy one. I will catchup on Skype when you online.


  1. Urgh. Flu. Horrid. You must have been on Santa's naughty list.

  2. Hi Glen. So sorry to hear you've been poorly since I saw you last. Are you sure it was 'flu and not alcohol that made you lose all that time......? :)