Thursday, 26 February 2015

Chocolate Feast past and future

End of Feb Blog can be a little disconcerting as Christmas has just left us and we into the real year and that is as frighting as the thought it is only 10 months to Christmas. But do not lose heart my friends, Easter is just around the corner and I say 'Let the Chocolate celebration begin.' 
Lovely food, chocolate, full of natures sweetest ingredients, sugar, cocoa, milk and lets not forget, chocolate does prevent heart attacks. That is a fact, I have never heard of anyone having a heart attack while enjoying natures finest confectionary. 
I am sure that Chocolatiers all around the world are preparing Easter eggs and Easter Bunnies as I write. This last month we have seen several birthdays and as is the nature of birthdays we normally have birthday cake and chocolates, so I am sure we all need March as a break from Chocolate. 
Enough of this sweet indulgence. This reminds me when I asked Robert what was brown and sticky - he answered 'Poo'. He was only about 3!

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