Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Case of the Near Miss

The spokeswoman Sally Mender of the Dept of Health and Safety has finally come back to us with a report on why 4 fisherman were allowed access to their sunken fishing boat in October 2014. ( If you need to refresh yourself on the details see my blog of the same date ). This 72 page report has throughly investigated the near miss and has concluded that while no blame can be attached, it was worth mentioning that the rains of that specific year where higher than average. Also the Fishing boat in question was not adequately maintained and did show signs of wear and tear. 
I did get to page 31 and fell asleep, but Robert Ragfish read the entire report and summed it up as a load of rubbish. He did point out that they investigate the wrong  fishing boat and the investigator was sea sick just standing looking at it. The correct fishing boat was salvaged by the Harbour master and broken up a week after the near miss. 
The fine for not maintaining the fishing boat adequately is £ 60.00. Gary Grunter, Micheal Salmon and Mark Marlin have appealed, their defence being that they were never told to maintain the boat and it is not on their original invoice. Robert Ragfish has not been fined as the Mayor has presented him with the Order of the Fishing Net award for exceptional bravery in the face of extreme danger. Robert Ragfish was the registered owner.
Lady Helen, wife of Mark Sardine, has asked that the efforts of her husband be considered when the next Order of the Fishnet award is due to be awarded.
Angela Angelfish, local MP, raised the matter in the Commons but as no one else was present with the exception of the Speak of the House the matter did not get any further. She did however meet with Susan Tuna, Mother Dearest Darling to Robert Ragfish and commend her on the excellent way she has brought up her son. Going so far as to say she was a worthy member of society. 
I do believe we will hear more on this matter as the court case against the other 3 is still to come. 
One must remember that fishing can be dangerous and ever care must be taken to avoid trying to board a sunken boat. Not only are they unseaworthy but you could be committing an offence under the right to Fish in a Sunken Boat act of 1652, article 3.

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