Friday, 10 April 2015

F1 Fan Dices with Death in Track Invasion Stunt

Chinese Car Buyer
What the Newspapers Said

Newspaper 1. Spectator invades track during  Chinese Grand Prix P2.
A man who ran across the track during practice for the Chinese Grand Prix has been arrested. He crossed the main straight shortly before a car, climbed the fence and ran into the pits before reportedly trying to enter Ferrari's garage.

Newspaper 2. Chinese Grand Prix: Man avoids death after invading track as F1 hit by security breach.
Formula 1 bosses will investigate how the tight security measures, which are imposed at all races, were breached.

Newspaper 3. Chinese GP 2015: Tragedy narrowly avoided as man runs onto the track during practice.
He weaved between cars on the main straight. He reportedly was trying to get a test drive in one of the Ferrari’s.

That is what the papers said. How much is true we will never know as they will report on the official investigation and they do have such amazing writers licence. I am intrigued by the report from newspaper 3 stating he had weaved between the car that were doing over 200 mph. Such a cad. But he must be quick.

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