Sunday, 19 April 2015

The arrival of spring and Anzac Day.

To celebrate spring we have planted all manner of things in our cottage garden. Plants for their beautiful colour and plants to smell as well as some to eat. Yes spring is here, Susan declared Saturday a ‘Beautiful Day’, high praise indeed. The other clue is that Susan has started to sun hibernate, long hours will be spent in the sun to get that tanned, healthy look that she loves so much. So beware, Susan has donned her bikini and will be out of the office until the autumn.
Lets move on, on in fact to Saturday, Anzac Day for Australia and New Zealand. What can I say, yes it was a battle and many were killed but I suppose it is really a celebration of the spirit of the soldiers. Their courage in the face of almost certain defeat, their ability to carry on in that hopeless situation must be celebrated. It was actually the first military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in the 1st world war. Anzac being short for Australian and New Zealand Corps.

What better way to honour the brave, then with Anzac biscuits. Why the Anzac biscuits you well may ask? During the 1st world war, the friends and families of soldiers sent food to the fighting men. As it took a long time to get there they had to come up with something that would remain edible, without refrigeration, for long periods of time. Anzac biscuits are also high in nutritional value and can be eaten months after they were baked.

That tradition lives on in the Dickens house hold. Angela bakes a big batch every Sunday and then packs 4 biscuits for Matt as he goes out to fight the kitchen cupboards and polished wood floors. A note to Gary and Claudia, refrain from ordering doggy pizzas and tack into Anzac biscuits. Health is paramount. 


  1. We called them Tarzan bars when i was in the army

  2. We called them Tarzan bars when i was in the army