Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The prodigal son returns

Tonight I am cooking an industrial Spaghetti Bolognese, Robert is on his way home and Michael has been here a while and we need food in the fridge. Anyway while cooking pasta, I cannot help thinking of Susan driving down the M3, bringing my boys home after his first year at university. I think he is happy to come home, sad to leave what must have been an unbelievable year of study, new friends and independent life.
Back to Susan driving down the M3, almost like Mad Max, except all the other cars are determine to get to the beach first. Enough of the tales of adventure, daring and courage.
I sometimes find when I am lonely I play music really loud, mainly Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture, but as I have my iPod set to shuffle it could be John Denver, Jessie Ware or even Elbow. And then I go up stairs and change into evening wear. 
I have just put Sam's food in his bowl and forgot I had sliced a chilli on the board, had to take a nibble at the Gammon and you know the rest. That dog eats better than me!
Tonight we have Spaghetti Bolognese and as a dear friend of mine once said ' add grated carrots' that is the secret. I hear you, two large carrots, grated finely and added to the timeless dish of mince, tomato and passata.
Took Michael and Dani to the Sandbanks Beach Cafe for a coffee and sometime to eat. Dani has taken on Michael's cold and was not feeling that great but strived on. We had a peaceful, happy time, sitting on the promenade, looking out at the infinite sea. Infinite that is to France. I had a panini with gammon, cheese and tomato, Michael, on the other hand had a huge burger with added cheese. Dani had a sensible panini with mozzarella, pesto and a basket of chips. Such times come rarely and we talked of many things, lifting Dani's spirits and after finishing her food proceeded to have some of Michael's burger. Oh the healing properties of food on the beach. Maybe it is those hard won university years of pot noodles that kept her going, I do believe the years at university will never be beaten by a simple thing like an unfinished burger.
I must say I am laying out my winter cloths for the autumn which is calling me, this summer is already too long. Food cooked I sit outside and enjoy total silence, well the birds are there but I pay them no heed. Time for a blog, battery low!

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  1. Very good! Carrots are definitely a must, Italians always add whole pork chop as well, the fat and rind is taken out before serving and devoured by the chef...