Monday, 6 July 2015

Apple Music and a Tipi

Susan asked me if I wanted to go and visit someone but I declined, and watched the news rather. The horrors of the international situation is quite soothing after the bliss of family life. Actually we are like two ships passing in the night, I have more than enough work and Susan is snowed under, 12 hour days the norm at the moment, but I am sure things will improve....
Michael and Dani are spending the weekend at Longthorns farm in a luxurious Tipi with all the mod-cons and the sounds of the wild just a sheet of canvas away. That is living on the edge. We are hoping to go and have a BBQ with them later today and at the same time see Sally and Mark, good friends of ours who own the Farm. Good for a catchup, to talk of something and nothing and enjoy the fruits of the wine masters.

Time passes and we have been to Longthorns and Susan is happy in the knowledge that those two children have not been mauled by the killer rabbits in bunny field. They did look like seasoned campers, breakfast on the BBQ and making tea in a Kelly Kettle seemed a breeze. We will wait to see the photographs, which I am sure will come out of this little adventure into camping. 
Sally and Mark have a BBQ evening most Saturday evening in season. Offering those wary camper a burger and fried onions in a bun with the bar open, which is fully stocked with all manner of beverage, alcoholic and not. Great fun for all and Sally gets to meet all her happy campers and their adorable children. Such fun.
I do wonder what attracts people to go camping in a tent, when you can just as easily get close to nature on a walk with your dog or family or both. Reminds me a little of the book Gerald Durrell wrote called 'My Family and other animals.' Really a good read and does explain the closeness we have with animals and other living things.
Matthew Dickens has a birthday this month and we must all wish him a happy 40th birthday, he will only have one 40th so it does need a certain amount of celebration. Matthew from all those who know and love you, Happy Birthday, keep those Facebook posts going and the rewards will come. 
Apple have just release Apple Music and the sales pitch goes like this. 
When you’re a member, all the music you already have lives alongside the entire Apple Music library. With so much great music to hear, it’s nice to have someone in the know helping you find exactly the right tracks. 
This is all for £ 9.99 per month. The question I ask, is it getting to the stage when we will pay for all the music but only need 0.1% of it? Will Apple control all the artists and therefore, all the music in time to come? I am quIte happy to pay for the music I enjoy, without having to pay for all the music Apple decide I need to have. I do believe this will all end in tears. Think of the day you forget to update your credit card and want to listen to your favourite song. Not available, please check your billing section.
This is the time to download all your music onto your hard drive for safe keeping. They have already taken our music off iTunes if it is not in you library, purchased through the Apple Store, what is stopping them deleting you entire library?
Back up, and keep a copy.

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  1. Beware the perils of the Big Five!! Also the dark side will end up consuming the world...where's Luke when you need him!