Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Light in our life

Much of what we see is about light. A good photographer will always take into consideration the light, so will a painter. The list goes on and on but the one thing to remember is that your eyes see light the only way we know it, where as a camera will always take light as middle grey.
Tuesday, they do come around every week.
I sit alone, happy that everyone is content. I have just watched Sam go after a Bumble Bee with such agility, I am amazed at his youthfulness after 12 years in this crazy house. Being a true gentleman, he let the bee get away but not before a stern warning. Dogs will be dogs, they ask for nothing and give their all. Granny June always said those who do not have a dog, are not to be trusted!
On a more somber note. I opened the fridge and the top shelf collapsed, bring down lord knows what, but a bottle of ale and a half bottle of vinaigrette smashed on the floor. That not complete, as the plastic bottle of milk was cut by the glass and was leaking, a can of Old Speckled Hen also sprung a leak and the chilli sauce only added to the mix. Sam fled the scene, Robert did not even come down stairs, he must of heard it.
Fear not bunny hungers, no grapes were harmed in the making of this tale. The wine was safely on the bottom shelf.

England beat Australia by 4 wickets, yes that is true and I have it on good authority that the game was played in the true spirit of cricket. Perry and Blackwell scoring well for Australia. Shivers and Greenway did as well. Boobers were bowled and full tosses were dispatched to the boundary. Bouncers, and Yorkers being the weapon of choice. For those who are in doubt about boobers, in mens cricket you have beamers, a ball aimed anywhere between the chest and the throat, boobers are therefore a logical term of the ladies that play cricket. Well the Australian men beat us in the second test, they are good. I can see why they say in Australia that men are men and the .... or is that Ireland?
Susan has Informed me that Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II must get two meals a day. Such wisdom, did you know she has just been promoted. From now on all new theme parks, hotels and developments will be done by her and John Jackson. Yes Angela even in Australia, the world is her oyster . When you next hear of a new Merlin Theme Park, Sealife Center, scary ride, she will have been responsible. They aim to be bigger that Disney. Such fun and adventure in store for this lovely lady. We are so proud of her. 

It is almost 8pm and I do believe they have the proms on Television tonight so I bid you farewell. The image is of my view while I write this blog.

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