Thursday, 30 July 2015


Gazing as the sun scoured land, on concrete fields where grass grows no more. Stumbling blindly on passed withered trees, they stand and stare through eyes that neither know nor care, where the grass is gone. Old eyes in a face without hope, watched by a shivering sun. Remember how you stood so brave but now your life’s dream fade. So don't shed more tears, for those best forgotten years. 

Susan aways says to Sam when she is going out 'Come inside and talk to your Dad.' A rather interesting way of putting it, that would make me a Dog and Susan a .. well we all know the term for a female canine but I will not grace the pages of this esteemed blog with words like that. Suffice to say, I am not Sam's Dad but his carer, owner to a small degree, definitely not his master, he rarely listens to me anyway. We are friends and I am sure he is very grateful for the walks I take him for every day. Must admit it gets me out the house and away from my computer.
As I sit and write this blog a little popup has appeared at the bottom of this screen saying Complain to Blogger, bit premature as I have not published it yet! I really do think they are going a little overboard with there willingness to stop abuse. 
Susan, Sam and I have just been for our Saturday morning run along the beach and I took this photograph, I suppose just to make you all a little envious. Beautiful day really. The summer is here, nice day last week but I put on a suit and pretended it was not.

I know the beach will be crowded today as the schools have all closed for the summer holidays, yesterday we had rain most of the day. My walk with Sam resulted in a drenching for both of us, what we do for our dogs.

Read some where 'Memories made on the beach last a lifetime,' no they don't. They get forgotten in time, like all memories. How do they come up with such stupid catch line and this advertising a caravan park. 


  1. Great blog dad, summed up the relationship with a dog perfectly!

  2. Not sure about the relationship bit. Lily and I are so grateful that Kep came first. She evens out the ratio of smelly boys and lovely ladies in our family. She's definitely their sister. She even does yoga with us now!!!