Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The coming of age

Another weekend has flown by with not much to show for itself. Last weekend at Warwick seems to have taken the glitter off a quiet weekend, small scare with Alex but now all is well. The cricket also tends to put a damper on what otherwise would have been a good cricket weekend. Give Australia their due, they came at us with determination and skill, batting well and then totally destroying our normally weak batting line up with an air of contempt. I always thought the top 3 or 4 batmen where meant to be specialists, someone please tell our selectors that the proof is in the pudding.
I have been told that I express too much of an opinion lately, express my thoughts on how we behave, I suppose I am getting on a bit and should keep quiet and listen to the more educated views express round the table. I hear your words of wisdom and will be very careful in the future, life is so much easier when you have the wisdom of youth.
To more pressing matters, Angela seems to have been able to buy some snow and is teaching her children how to ski. That daughter of mine knows no bounds. Even Captain Ben seems comfortable on his feet. He is quite accomplished all round athlete. Reminds me a little of all my children but I dare not say that for fear of being over simplistic.
I have always believed in keeping things simple, my blogs are a reflection of what I believe and I am happy to put pen to paper and share these moments. If I can impart any wisdom then let it be this, the obvious is not that far away from your nose, your brain is not far behind.
Gary commented today on my previous blog - 'Good blog!!!! Sitting in the airport in the Fairest of all the Capes and smiling!'
We all seem to think about our family when we are sitting in an airport, seems the place you look around and see people and remember those we love and miss. Life in an airport, for those who travel often, the airport lounge is an oasis, maybe we are all a little apprehensive about the trip we are about to take. 
In parting I leave you with this photograph of the back of a van. The furthest says 'Transporter - Camper in disguise.'

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